It doesn't take an eagle-eyed trend spotter to note that dance music has recently taken a turn for the fast and dark. Thankfully, everyone's favourite Norweigan in Berlin - Telephones - only seemed to get half of the message. So whilst this new record on European Carryall may skitter along above 140 bpm, it loses none of his customary froth, fizz and élan.

On the A-side, we're dealing with some kind of ghetto-tech / Balearic hybrid. 'Blu-Tek' is Relief Records by way of the Cafe Del Mar - loose and goofy but by no means easy to pull off. Mark my words, in lesser hands this kind of musical fusion cuisine would be a goddamn dog's dinner. It's got the bumping bass, banging kick drum, and spitting hi-hats but is bathed in billowing, blissful synth pads. Glorious.

On the flip, Telephones explores ambient techno. Sort of. While 'FV555' might have its head in the clouds, its rhythm section is a funky wiggle. The kind of amalgamation of floaty lightness and bottom-end grunt that we know so well from the European Carryall collection.