A Theo Parrish remix is a big damn deal, and Wolf Music have snared one for their re-release of Tone Control's 2008 bomb 'Illusion.' And while he turns in an undoubtedly sick reworking, even Theo is hard pushed to better the original. 'Illusion' dropped initially on Tone Control's label and ticks all the standard deep house checkboxes. However, it also has that elusive magic that means it transcends 99% of the genre. Becoming something of a sleeper hit for Parrish during his fabled Plastic People residency and it's easy to see why. A swinging, bumpy groove, butter-smooth instrumentation and so soulful it hurts vocals - purpose-built for heads-down basement groovers. Wolf Music has pressed the track on one side of vinyl, giving the song the depth and weight it deserves.

And on the a-side, we have that remix. Theo goes to town and over the space of 10 minutes and brings his trademark loose and limber vibe to the fore. This version is heavier on the bass thump; it sounds like the rhythm has gotten that Detroit MPC treatment while a jazzy meandering piano motif interplays with super-live synth bass. More improvisational feeling and less hooky and direct, it's a respectful remix clearly made with love. Beautiful to hear one of house music's true geniuses in full flow. So an essential package from Wolf Music - go get it!

Illusion (Inc. Theo Parrish remix) is out now on Wolf Music