Weird Weather have only graced the world with a (small) handful of releases, but their grasp of slippery, deviant electronics has made each one a must-have item. And this is no exception.

'Tongue Drum' comes forth on a new label out of South London - Whip+Lash - a suitably kinky and concussive monicker for the duo's sounds. The title track on this EP is a masterclass in clammily tactile body music, with a bassline that sounds like you've climbed into a large metal pipe, and a giant is hitting it with a spanner. But, y'know, in a nice way. As with their previous missives, the balance between the organic and metallic is deftly handled. I mean this is broadly techno but owes more to the post-punk / dub gene pool than any by the numbers 'business techno' landfill.

'Paint' reduces the tempo but increases the panic - a slow and low grind with some apocalyptic panel-beating noises adding to the dread. Distant, indistinct voices drifting in and out of the mix. The eagle eared might spot this from Jon K's recent, dynamite mixtape for The Trilogy Tapes.

'Paint' can also be found in its Black, Red, Green version, where EVERYTHING is pushed further. Tape hiss, sounds on the verge of total collapse, distortion at the end of the universe, claustrophobia, an endless tapering tunnel. Dark music for dark times. This is some far-out shit. Don't go changing, you weirdos.

'Tongue Drum' is out NOW on Whip+Lash